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Technical Trainings

Data Science 101

In cooperation with Point 8, I offer training workshops on data analysis, data science, machine learning and big data processing . The Python programming language is used throughout. Each course is a focused training session for teams and individual participants. Course materials are provided as Jupyter notebooks, containing both reference information as well as hands-on coding and data analysis exercises. The workshop is held in English or German. Data Science 101 is a modular concept – by request, courses can be tailored to specific requirements of your organization. Possible “configurations” of the course include:

Introduction to Data Analysis with Python
The aim of this workshop is to provide you with the basic knowledge and skills needed to get started with data analysis using Python – the Python programming language, relevant libraries and relevant methodical knowledge. [preview a chapter]

Introduction Data Science and Machine Learning with Python
The aim of this workshop is to provide you with the basic knowledge and skills needed to get started with data analysis and machine learning using Python. We will dig in the Python programming language, try relevant libraries and discuss relevant strategies. On sample data sets we will deepen our knowledge and build up our own machine learning pipeline. [preview a chapter]

(Big) Data Analysis with Python and PySpark
This course takes you all the way to the ability to process and analyze data of any size. Starting from first steps Python programming, we then cover basic data analysis methods and Python tools for applying them. For truly big data sets, we teach how to harness the computing power of a cluster via PySpark. [preview a chapter]

Machine Learning with PySpark
This course gets you started with scaling machine learning methods to large amounts of data by using PySpark to control distributed computing on a cluster. [preview a chapter]

Management & Organizational Trainings

Data Science Mission Control

Using the real potential of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence can sometimes seem like rocket science. Many businesses are aware of the great potential of these technologies, but struggle with implementation. Motivated by this experience, I joined the team of Point 8 to develop Data Science Mission Control. Data Science Mission Control is an innovative, in-depth, intensive workshop concept that helps your organization master data-driven innovation. Learn to distinguish the hype from the true potential. Get all stakeholders to the table and enable cooperation. Learn to spot project risks and develop best practices and workflows to reduce them. Learn more at

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