Trainings & Workshops

Sharing skills and best practices in data science and AI is an integral part of my work. I frequently prepare and conduct custom training sessions for teams of practitioners – from entry to advanced level.

AI Dojo

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A list of my past courses and workshops.

  • Artificial Intelligence in IT Operations, ExperTeach.
  • Big Data Analysis – End to End, Point 8 / ExperTeach.
  • Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Wild Code School.
  • Deep Learning with TensorFlow, Point 8 / ExperTeach, x3.
  • Big Data Analysis with PySpark, Point 8 / Heise iX Trainings.
  • Software Engineering, Hochschule Fresenius.
  • Big Data Analysis with PySpark, Point 8 / ExperTeach, x9.
  • Big Data Analysis with PySpark, at data2day conference 2020
  • Machine Learning for Time Series Forecasting, at ML Essentials Heidelberg 2020.
  • Data Analysis and Machine Learning with Python, Point 8 / ExperTeach, x6.
  • Advanced Machine Learning, Point 8 / ExperTeach, at Telekom Technical Security Summit, x3.
  • Machine Learning with PySpark, Point 8 / ExperTeach, x2.

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