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As an independent data scientist, I am available for contract roles in data science. My background is in computer science, where I worked in-depth on algorithms, data analysis methods, high-performance computing and software engineering. For detailed information on experience, please refer to my CV.

Data Science Project Work & Consulting

My core business is delivering data science project results to industry clients. This means proactively driving the project trough all phases – from understanding business question, mapping it to data science methods, extracting information and engineering models, evaluation decisions, to production. Problems I solve frequently fall into the following areas:

Data Mining

I extract insights from complex data sources, applying data visualization and machine learning methods, and present results in a clear and actionable way to all stakeholders.

Predictive Analytics

Data enables the prediction of business-relevant target variables (cost, risk, sales, faults, …). My job frequently involves engineering predictive models, often applying machine learning in the process.

Machine Learning

In order to obtain the best performance from machine learning algorithms, I apply a variety of theoretical insights and experimental techniques. In a next step, the goal is often to work out the right architecture to deploy machine learning solutions in production.

Big Data Architecture & Engineering

Being able to process and use large amounts of data effectively requires making the right engineering decisions on the big scale and the small scale. I support organizations in making these decisions – from big-picture architecture decisions to hands-on programming.

Data Science Trainings

In cooperation with Point 8 I created a modular training program (Data Science Learning Paths), conveying knowledge and hands-on practice on data analysis, machine learning and big data processing. For more information please refer to the Trainings & Workshops page.

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