Work With Me

I am a computer scientist specializing on algorithms for data analysis by training, and a generalist by nature. As an independent data scientist, I am offering services and looking for challenging projects in the following areas:


I received my PhD from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with a thesis focusing on algorithms for large-scale graph data analysis. Refer to my publication record for details.


I have longtime software development practice in multiple languages (including Python, C++, Java), with a focus on efficient algorithms as well as parallel programming. While maintaining the open-source project NetworKit I have gathered practical experience with agile methods for software project management.


Computation is transforming virtually all areas of science, technology and commerce, and success depends increasingly on our ability to make data-driven decisions and work creatively with intelligent machines. I enjoy translating between computer science research and real-world applications, using analytical thinking across multiple disciplines. I can advise particularly on the topics of data science, data visualization, algorithms, software architecture and high-performance programming.

Get in touch to find out if I can help you realize ideas. Recruiters, please read before contacting.